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Frequently Asked Questions

  • -+ What is the service?
    To provide in home tutoring and educational mentoring for any child/adult who needs in-home tutoring.
  • -+ What are all the specific programs/initiatives you have in mind?
    - In home tutoring for basic skills instruction for students at risk of failing school
    - In home tutoring instruction for basic skills and reinforcement of skills taught on a daily basis in schools
    - In home tutoring to provide enrichment and acceleration
    - In home tutoring and educational mentoring for students to model and instruct acceptable school behaviors, conforming with homework, school, and classroom policies, conflict resolution, and overall school acceptable school behaviors
  • -+ When will the activities be performed?
    After school, evenings and weekends in student's homes and/or small group settings
  • -+ When will the activities commence?
    May, 2013 and ongoing from that date
  • -+ Who from the organization will perform the activities?
    Joseph Siegel and individual tutors with specific areas of expertise in subject matter
  • -+ Why do they need this service?
    This service helps students to continue in school, pass subjects, and develop skills that will enable students to become successful citizens as well as enhance skills to enable students to reach their full potential, develop a positive self-image and self-esteem.
  • -+ How can families sign up to participate?
    Contact Joe Siegel at OR E-MAIL AT .
  • -+ How much does it cost?
    $30 - $40 an hour - Group Rates are available
  • -+ How does the service differ from the programs that are already out there?